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We have team up with multidisciplinary task forces to develop, conduct, commissioning, test market and national at international roll out of major FMCG brands (P&G, Duracell, etc). and local small successful companies.

What Can We Do For You?

We integrated many improvements to many
of our customers existing machines and have worked
with their equipment manufactures to ensure these improvements meets our customer’s specifications.

Our engineers will write the needed machine build specifications and work with your machine build company to ensure that these specifications are followed.

We will write the test plans needed to complete your CQV process.

Once this process is complete we will work with your operators to ensure that are trained on your startup process.

We will custom design and build complete machines to match your process and needs.

Custom Design For You


We will review your process and make recommendations that will reduce the efficiency Issues that are causing loss production. Once we have determined the reasons through our FMEA process we will recommend the equipment, design changes to improve this process to reduce loss efficiency. We will then design these modifications to your specifications


We use the latest laser technology to perfectly align your machine and process to ensure that there are no production issues caused by skewed rolls or non centered unit-ops within .0005 inch at 200 feet.


We have complete machine build capabilities. We have built improved machine components and integrated them in to existing processes.


Our support personnel are  formally retired from a major corporations and have the skills to provide support while understanding the process needed to make your machines more productive.

  • Design Support
  • Operation Support
  • Technology Transfer Support
  • Training Support
  • Documentation Support


  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Design Development
  • Documentation
  • Technical Startup
  • Machine Alignment
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Machine Manufacturing

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our services

CNC Production Services

Master Cam CNC Programming Software with SPC Software Link

Product Development

 Auto CAD Mechanical

Solid Works 3-D Solid Modeling Drawing Systems

Machine Design and Build

Complete Design, Build and Test Run in our Facility

our expertise


We have over 40 years of engineering experience in the tooling, process manufacturing and machine design areas.


We have over 15 years experience in the machine manufacturing and machining process of metal components. Our consultant teams have unlimited experience in the machine manufacturing and quality control areas of product development. They have successfully patented products in the commercial market place.

Job Control

The E2 Shop Management System Software by Shoptech Industrial Software Corp controls our shop. It allows us to track and control your order during the manufacturing process of each job on our shop. We can give you an up to date status of all your orders by just simple click of the mouse. This software gives us total control over the quoting/estimating, orders, purchasing, inventory, shop control scheduling, cost analysis, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger sections of each order.

Quality Control

Our SPC Measure Link Software by Mitutoyo controls the entire process of each job in our shop. Each job is 100% first article inspected to establish an histogram database that will allow us to set up our SPC inspection process. Our operators have direct SPC input via their gage input data tool connected to an inspection terminal on the shop floor.

Data Control

Our entire shop is networked using an IBM X232 server with data input stations for each process of your job. It is maintained electronically by IBM's online support engineers on a 24/7 basis. We have recently added a high speed internet link to soon allow you controlled web view access to your job while it is being processed in our shop.

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About Us

Our shop is centrally located in a country setting in Eastern North Carolina. We have access to all major suppliers and shipping companies in the U.S. We are presently working with product development engineers in North and South America to produce items that will be integrated into the commercial market in their respective areas.


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David Paul Hill

40 years of engineering experience in the tooling, process manufacturing and machine design areas

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David Paul Hill II

 20 years experience in the machine manufacturing and machining process of metal components

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